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Cycling Routes

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway–Xiangshan Section
Sun Moon Lake Bikeway–Yuetan Section
Checheng-Shuili Bikeway
Tou-She Bikeway
North Gate Bikeway
Lake bay Bikeway
Wanli line Bikeway
Jinshan line Bikeway

Tranquility, scenic spots, genuine aborigine feelings

Penghu Cycle Tour days 3 Days

Beautiful chrysanthemum islands, seafood, ancient houses, outlying island charm, singing of Granny's Penghu Bay.

Cycling Routes

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February to September, 2017 Activity Ended

We offer participants the chance to experience the suburban areas of New Taipei City on bicycles through a variety of recreational routes located in the city. This is the perfect occasion for recreational enthusiasts and family groups who love cycling to soak in the diverse styles of New Taipei City while gaining the benefits of leisure cycling to both mental and physical health.

April 16th to 17th, 2017 Activity Ended

April 19th to November 5th, 2017 Activity Ended

1. This event features low-carbon travel that combines mass transportation and bike paths in Chenggong, Guanshan, downtown area, and east rift valley, offering an in-depth experience featuring regional cuisine and other activities.
2. It is an event arranged in different sequence that enables visitors to partake in a package cycling tour through Changbin and South-Link townships to enjoy the easygoing lifestyle of Taitung.
3. We try to combine cycling with camping; there are totally five independent activities being held in this part of the event.

July 7th to 8th, 2017 Activity Ended

Cycling Photos&Videos

Children Sliding Car Contest - preparation of the match
Kick off
Unique valley topography and challenging and internationally renowned natural landscapes of Taroko Gorge.
2017 Siraya Cycling-at Siraya National Scenic Area Administration
Merida Cup & Bike Festival 2017-riders
2017 Cycling in the Windy Kaohsiung-starting point